Are You Sure You Know Enough about Calling Cards to Make Secure International Calls?

There are no two views about the fact that calling cards are one of the cheapest means to make convenient long-distance calls. With the advent of VoIP technology, the telecommunication industry has made a progressive leap towards the future. Again, with such outlets, the telecommunication industry continues to receive commendable encouragement from far and wide.

However, not many customers are thoroughly apprised of the subtleties of calling cards. Our establishment is one of the few to shoulder the responsibility of educating customers, keeping their security foremost in mind.

The Fundamental Layout

A calling card works simply. Each card consists of an access number and a PIN. It is important to keep in mind that not all cards are conducive to any phone. Some might demand the convenience of a particular operating system. Therefore, experts recommend choosing a card that is compatible with multiple platforms.

Say, you buy a phone card to call Philippines. First, download a dialler. Next, complete your registration by inputting the access number and the PIN. Finally, make the call.

Types of Card Available

There are chiefly three kinds of calling card available.

The pre-paid calling card consists of a fixed amount. So the card is usable only till the credit is not consumed wholly. In that case, you need to recharge the card.

The post-paid card, although alike in features, does not have a regularly-decreasing balance. The user receives the bill on a monthly basis.

The rechargeable calling card is one which may be recharged once the credit amount is used up. At the same time, it is important to note that recharging is frequently posited as an option. You may recharge the card online or by shelling out cash.

There is another type of card available, known as the virtual calling card. The same is available online and is more flexible to use.

Why Paccnet Insists on Calling Cards

If you infer that our insistence on calling cards is purely commercial, think again. There are more reasons than one why our establishment proudly serves over a thousand customers. The following are some of the benefits of calling cards:

  • The primary purpose of the VoIP technology was to cut down call rates. A calling card does just that. It saves over ninety percent of the international call rate.
  • Calling cards are compatible with multiple platforms. Therefore, they are easy to use and immensely flexible.
  • Apart from facilitating cheap calls to Philippines, a calling card comes handy in times of international vacations. Its apparent placeless-ness is visibly a boon.

Evidently, calling cards are not only viable for making cheap phone calls but extend to cover vacations and international stays. Calling cards were earmarked for public convenience and are handsomely achieving so. Indeed, there have been burps now and then; it is to deal with those that we are here.

At Paccnet, we strive round the clock to apprise our esteemed customers of the subtle technicalities of calling cards. Not all cards are equally safe to use. Others continue to impose clandestine charges. It is of no avail to clamor once the ship has sailed. Keeping that in mind, our experts leave no stone unturned to address the inconsistencies faced by the public.