International Calling Card

A calling card is the prepaid calling method which is used to make calls at a long distance; it is either a domestic or an international call. While using the calling card, the user can save money on phone bills while making calls at long distances. These cards require no monthly bills and no detailed statements. People who are staying in the Philippines are unable to make calls to other countries without calling cards.

PACCNET offers international calling cards in the Philippines. The international cards are mainly used as a complement to the social media apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and other options available. Even these calling cards also compete with the VoIP calling services of certain social media apps like Skype credit and Viber Out. The users can buy these calling cards in the Philippines either from the retail stores or from us online.

The Features of Calling Cards from PACCNET

  1. There are no hidden charges like the connection charges, daily use charges, and weekly use charges.
  2. To use the calling card, the user has to dial the local access number first, then enter the PIN, dial the 011 + country code+ city code+ telephone number.

With the use of the calling cards, the users can call any smartphone user in the Philippines or at other countries even when the phone is offline, in weak signal areas or the data access is turned off.