International Phone Calls to Philippines

As several Telecom providers in the Philippines have confirmed not to operate Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger as these social calling platforms have unauthorized and unlicensed VoIP services that the Philippines does not support. Hence, there are certain calling cards available in the Philippines that help the users to call to any smartphone users in the Philippines even when there is no access to the internet data. Using the calling cards is very effective and budget-friendly too. PACCNET provides various calling cards in the Philippines that allow the users to save money on the overall phone bill.

These calling cards used on behalf of social media apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype and other similar types of apps. Even these calling cards do not require having VoIP services. Among all the calling cards, the Philippine cards are very useful as the internet connection in the Philippines is not so strong due to the high incidence of offline connections ( when the Smart Phones are off) and also for the weak internet connections.

How You Can Buy Philippines Calling Cards

  • Buy these calling cards from the retail stores.
  • Or get them from the online platform- PACCNET.

How to Use the Philippines Calling Cards

  • First, dial the local access number.
  • Enter the PIN.
  • Dial the country code + city code + telephone number. You are ready to call any number in the Philippines.

Benefits of Using These Calling Cards

  • These cards allow making a direct call to the smartphones in the Philippines, no matter the smartphones are offline, located in weak signal areas or have no data access.
  • They are affordable as compared to the Viber Out and Skype Credit.
  • These cards do not have any hidden charges.