If You Want to Make Safe International Calls, Pay Heed to Our Experts at Paccnet

Indeed, making international calls might seem financially challenging. At the same time, it is important to note that using a calling card is not particularly difficult. However, the caller must bear a few critical aspects in mind.

For instance, if you buy a card for Philippines unawares, you might have to shell out hidden costs which are not intimated to the customer while he is purchasing it. There are more such bureaucratic slips that might cost you, dear. We, therefore, strive to keep our customers informed.

Buying the Card

Calling cards are available at grocery and convenience stores. If you are purchasing the card from a convenience store, make sure that the clerk activates the card for you to use it.

Keep in mind that while you are buying a calling card online, you will receive an access number and a PIN. Each card consists of a unique access number. The same must be dialed before you can place your first international call.

The card will also come with a PIN. Say, you buy a phone card for Philippines. Once you dial the access number, you will be asked to input the PIN. Note that the PIN might be printed or need to be scraped off.

Read the Fine Print

It is important to note that there are various kinds of calling cards available. Some are valid for a particular region while others can facilitate no more than one call! Therefore, while shopping for calling cards try and keep your excitement at bay.

Generally speaking, calling cards have disclaimers on the back. Not many would bother to read the winding description etched in a near-invisible font. However, our experts contend that it is worthwhile to pore over the disclaimers for personal safety.

Beware of Hidden Fees

Most importantly, keep tabs on hidden fees. Indeed, if you wish to make a single call, the price should not be a worry. However, if you plan to make multiple calls, you should be careful.

Generally, post-call costs could be up to $1 after the first call. Some cards tend to charge over thirty percent for simply possessing the card. Maintenance fees are also not wholly unheard-of. For instance, before making an international call to Philippines, you wish to check the minutes on the card; you would be charged for the same, no matter whether or not you placed a call.

Our experts recommend meticulous research on calling cards before buying one. Put simply, you should get what you are shelling out the money for.

In spite of the immense improvement in global connectivity, glitches persist in more ways than one. Even today, it is no cheap thing to place an international call. Keeping the broader issues in mind, we at Paccnet leave no stone unturned to dispense reasonably-priced calling cards for our customers to avail conveniently. After all, the global village in the 21st century deserves to be better and easier connected.