Send A Load

Product 1
Product 2
  • Send the load to any Smart or TNT pre-paid number in the Phillippines.
  • Send the load to your Smart or TNT pre-paid number while roaming in the U.S or in major international cities.
  • Sending is as easy as 1-2-3:

1.Purchase a load pin below

  • Choose P300 for USD$9.00 or P500 for USD$15.00

2.Log into

  • Enter your pin number
  • Enter the Smart or TNT number

3.Enter Key Code then Click Load

Usap Card

Product 3
  • Best for calling PLDT numbers in the Philippines

  • Unlimited calls for up to 2 PLDT number over 24 hours

  • Or if not on PLDT Unli-mode, Special per-minute rates to

    • Smart, Sun, TNT & Globe
    • Non-PLDT landlines
    • US/Canada
    • Major international cities
  • Tawag Buddy

    • Best for calling Smart, Sun & TNT mobile and PLDT numbers in the Philippines

      • As low as 10 cents per minute
    • Special rates for calling

      • Globe group
      • US/Canada
      • Major international cities