Skype, Whatsapp Blocked In Philippines – What Are the Alternatives?

Several Telecom providers in the Philippines have confirmed that Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger will no longer be available in the country as these social calling platforms provide unauthorized and unlicensed VoIP services which the Philippines does not support. The telecom providers said that they now offer VoIP services with the help of the Free Bee App that the users can avail by subscription. Paccnet offers Free Bee which is available for both Android and iPhone devices. With the help of this mobile connection, the users can connect to any TNT, Smart and Sun mobile phones, and even with people who are offline and not connected to the internet. This company also offers prepaid cell phone cards for users.

Apart from this, the users can also connect with the PLDT numbers directly through Free Bee. When the user is not able to call his or her family and friends in Philippines with Messenger, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and others, it is the right time to call them with Free Bee. The users can buy pins for calls. Free Bee is the Smart Phone App. The users can easily download it on their Android or iPhone device. Through Paccnet, the customers can also buy premium pins for 500 minutes at $5, valid for 30 days. This app helps the customers by offering free calls to Philippines that are sponsored by the advertisers. The customers can also buy the premium call credits to Philippines to get an uninterrupted ad-free call.

Downloading and Registration

Anyone who is using the smartphone can download and register Free Bee free. Even this app also works on tablets. If the customer wants to get the best experience, the Android OS should be of the latest version, Kitkat and if the customer is using the iOS phone, the version should be at least 9 2.1.

Registration Process

  • Launch the Free Bee app after it is launched in the device.
  • Any foreign mobile number can be used (might not be the Philippines number) on the Smart roaming SIM for the registration.
  • Use the 4-digit verification code that is sent to the mobile number.
  • Once the mobile number gets verified, the customer should use his or her personal information like First name, Last name, Gender and Birthday.
  • Tap “Next” for submitting personal information.
  • Once the user agrees on the “Terms and Use” and Data Privacy Policy, he or she can use the Free Bee App.

In case the verification code is not sent to the mobile number, the user should check the Inbox properly. If the code does not come within the next 5-10 minutes, the user can use the Resend Code button. If the code does not arrive after tapping the resend button, feel free to contact the customer service executives of Free Bee.

Apart from Free Bee, Paccnet also offers Prepaid Calling Cards for the users. The Usap Card is best to call the PLDT numbers in Philippines. These cards provide unlimited calls to 2 PLDT number for 1 day. These calls are for Smart, TNT, and Globe and Sun phones. These calls can be made to Non-PLDT landlines in Philippines, US, and other major cities. Free Bee App is the best alternative to Skype and WhatsApp calling in Philippines.