Terms & Conditions 1

Terms & Conditions

  • Due to the nature of electronic transactions, we cannot accept cancellations, returns, refunds or exchanges once a transaction has been completed.
  • Please ensure and check when entering the your email address. We will not be responsible and liable for errors or mistaken entry of your email address.

By purchasing this card, you agree to these condttions by Paccent and related declarations.Total advertised minutes are valid for single or multiple calls made before the expiration date of the card. Rates and fees are subject to change without notice, Paccnet Is not responsible for carrier charges when using local access numbers.Calls through toll free access numbers may be charged up to an additional $0.02 per minute. Calls may be rounded up to the nearest increment not to exceed 1 minute.Card expiration subject to limits by carrier of destination. Refunds are subject to refund policy of Paccnet’s retailer or sales agent. This card may be deactivated without notice if fraud or abnormal calling patterns are observed.